Areas of expertise

Integrated research, development
and manufacturing.

We supply what our clients need. Our expertise lies in research, development, and manufacturing. emp BIOTECH’s high-impact products give our partners in life sciences and pharmaceuticals the boost they need to make great strides forward. We provide our clients end-to-end solutions from emp BIOTECH as a single trusted source.
Every product has been thoroughly evaluated and refined to ensure optimal performance. Our products and processes are all ISO-certified.
Made in Germany and powered by international expertise.

synthesis reagents

We provide high purity reagents, solvents, and phosphoramidites for automated oligonucleotide synthesis.

  • Manufactured under strict quality controls (ISO 9001:2015).
  • Fully transparent documentation and traceable sourcing.

Available unit volumes range
from 100 mL to over 10,000 liters.

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We supply the full spectrum of DNA and RNA synthesis reagents. Available unit volumes range from 100 mL to over 10,000 liters.

emp BIOTECH has long-standing expertise in oligo desalting and has now expanded into downstream purification.

Our groundbreaking SMART Chromatography™ is a robust, linearly scalable purification system for unclarified cell cultures and a viable substitute for expanded bed processes. Watch us revolutionize the world of chromatography.

The CentriPure product line uses Zetadex resin to remove small molecules and elute larger target molecules into a buffer of choice – all in a single step within minutes.

excellence made possible

emp BIOTECH is a diverse team of expert scientists. We are biochemists, organic chemists, designers, engineers, researchers, technicians, business developers and more.

We make your work easier with new and innovative tools and technologies and intelligent advice through every step of product development.

Quality assurance, transparent workflows and change control are standard.

Our focus is on establishing lasting customer relationships built on trust.


Solid phases

Our Zetadex, Zetarose and ZetaCell chromatography products isolate and purify target molecules in a range of scenarios:

Zetadex is a cross-linked, beaded dextran solid-phase product developed to separate molecules based on size in immunodiagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Zetarose resins are based on cross-linked, beaded agarose – an industry standard thanks to its wide-spread acceptance by regulatory authorities such as the FDA and EMA.

ZetaCell resins are based on large-diameter cross-linked beaded agarose and are specifically designed for use in SMART Chromatography™.

SMART Chromatography™

SMART Chromatography™ removes the bottleneck in your downstream process.

It allows the scalable purification of biomolecules directly from the bioreactor without first having to clarify the feed stream.

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Dyes and labeling

emp BIOTECH is a primary manufacturer of a wide variety of standard and specialty dyes and labels.

Our products are recognized worldwide for their consistent high purity and quality.

Thirty years of experience and widely cited research contributions underline our reputation as a reliable partner.

High purity fluorophores

Fluorophores are essential for use in a vast array of detection methods but have notoriously inconsistant purity profiles. This can negatively affect its extinction coefficient and the sensitivity of the detection method.

emp BIOTECH manufactures dyes and labels under ISO 9001-certified processes, with strict quality controls to ensure extinction coefficients are above specification requirements. This delivers reliable and consistant fluorophore performance, irrespective of the application.

Protein labeling

Open the box, label the protein and purify – all in 10 minutes.

TurboTagTM is emp BIOTECH‘s specially developed kit for rapid protein labeling.

It delivers precision labeling and purification of antibodies, enzymes, and other proteins.

With more than 30 different dyes to cover the full UV-vis spectrum for diagnostics to microscopy and more.

Oligo Labeling

Fluorophores can be incorporated into oligos both during and post-synthesis.

emp BIOTECH manufactures high quality NHS esters for post-synthetic modifications for convenient covalent labeling of nucleic acids at the 5‘- or 3‘-end.

ChemGenes dye amidites are utilized for labeling any desired position during automated chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides. They are available in Europe exclusively from emp BIOTECH.

“We listen to our clients and reliably give them
what they need, when they need it.”

Specialist services on demand

Custom synthesis

Custom synthesis includes:

  • antibody labeling
  • protein labeling
  • biotin conjugation to antibodies and proteins
  • hapten conjugation to immunogenic carriers
  • protein-protein conjugation
  • and more…

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OEM & private label

emp BIOTECH provides full OEM and private label services for a wide range of manufactured products.

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Contract development

emp BIOTECH has a wide range of skills and capacity for adaptive development. We offer contract-based development and research in the following areas:

  • Chemical modification
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Housing and column design
  • Tool design
  • CAD services
  • Ligand design
  • Solid phase modification
  • Bead size optimization

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Column Packing

emp BIOTECH offers solid phase packing services for a wide variety of columns and other housings.

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